9 Clever Ways to Save Money With Little Effort

9 Ways we save money - Life of Stones

Yes, yes, I realize spend about 5 minutes on Pinterest and you’ll see 3,285 pins about ways to save money, which is why you haven’t seen a similar post on this blog before!  But as I’ve been helping others get on a budget and coaching them on how to cut their expenses and save money […]

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10 Frugal Gifts for someone who has everything

10 frugal gift ideas for the person who has everything - Life of Stones

Do you ever have a difficult time finding gifts for someone who has everything?!  We all know someone like this…you have to buy them a gift but everything you see, they already have!  Then when you do find an amazing gift it’s way out of your budget, can you relate?? I love LOVE giving gifts but […]

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