How to Create a Budget With an Irregular Income

Stack of green and blue books with white piggy bank and colored pencils sitting on a white surface

Do you have an irregular income that makes it difficult to set a monthly budget that works?  You know you need a budget but every time you sit down and try to work on one you probably get discouraged because of your fluctuating income, right?  I understand how difficult it can be to create a budget […]

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How We Paid Off $35,000 of Debt in Only 7 Months

How we paid off $35,000 of debt in only 7 months - Life of Stones

Today is the day!  This is the post I have been dreaming about writing since I decided I was going to start a blog!  I didn’t want to share this story in detail until we had paid off the very last cent of our personal debts (except for our mortgage).  Partly because I didn’t want to jinx […]

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How to Quickly Save a Starter Emergency Fund

How to quickly save a starter emergency fund - Life of Stones

I want to congratulate you on deciding to give budgeting another shot because it truly is the key to financial freedom!   I don’t want you to get frustrated if the first month doesn’t go exactly as planned, it takes some time to really find your budgeting groove!  Be gentle with yourself and be sure […]

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How to Create a Simple Monthly Budget and Stick to It

How to create a simple monthly budget and stick to it - Life of Stones

I know, guys, trust me….budgets are the worst, right? You probably didn’t even want to click on this link because you’ve likely tried budgeting many times before, right?  And if you’re anything like our family you’ve probably failed many times before too, RIGHT?!?!?!  Well, it’s time to turn that around and finally create a monthly budget […]

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