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So you’ve perused Pinterest a million times over and it has linked you to every possible blog imaginable?  You’ve read so many blog posts and entered your email into so many subscribe forms that you’ve decided it’s time for you to venture out and do this yourself?


If all these other people can do it then I can blog too, right? Right!  Anyone can do this, you can write about anything you want because trust me, your audience IS out there, you just have to find them!



You’ve purchased your domain and hosting, found the best theme and written a handful of posts, sat back and yelled: “show me the money”!!!  And nothing happened?!?  No worries…I’ve been there….and I can help!


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start a money making blog - Life of Stones



It’s been a long time since I had a blog.  I wouldn’t exactly call my first attempt successful.  It was slowly growing- very slowly- and I had lost my passion for it so I shut it down.  Fast forward to a few months ago and I really was feeling an urge to write again and looking for a way to connect with others so I started a brand new blog and, well, here we are.


The thing is that I assumed it would be like riding a bike and once I would get started everything would come back to me.  Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work that way.  The internet moves so. dang. fast!  And while I was able to fumble through getting my blog set up on my own, I knew I just didn’t have the time to figure it all out on my own…again.



I stumbled upon the 30-Day Blogging Fast Track course offered by It’s a Lovely Life and I immediately signed up.  I love LOVE online courses!  I love learning new things, love a new challenge and I especially love having a tribe to grow with!



In addition to the coursework itself, which is drip-fed over the 30-day period (you can see the course topics by clicking on the link and scrolling down) you get lifetime access to the Private VIP Facebook Group and an amazing community of like-minded people who support one another!


Pete & Heather Reese, the creators of the course, are married and run their uber-successful family travel blog which earned them almost $100,000 just last month! Their blog is almost 10 years old so the experience they have to share is priceless!


Wondering if this would be a good fit for you?  If you fit any of the criteria below than this 30-Day Blogging Fast Track  is definitely the course for you and well worth the investment in yourself and your business (yes, your blog is a business)!


  • wanting to start your own blog but not sure how to begin?
  • already have a blog and want to learn how to monetize it (earn income from it)?
  • already have a blog and are monetizing but looking to learn how to scale your efforts?
  • looking to learn a new social media platform or increase your audience on existing platforms?


The course begins on the 1st of each month and is only open for registration for one week prior!


** Registration is currently open for the upcoming class **

Not quite yet ready to commit to a full 30 days yet?  

That’s totally cool, I get it.  Maybe you’d prefer to “test the waters” a bit to be sure this blogging thing is for you…here is a great alternative.  It’s a Lovely Life also offers a FREE 5-day email course on how to start a money-making blog.  This is how I found them in the first place.  I took their email course and after the 2nd day, I knew I wanted to learn more from them and planned to take the full 30-day blogging Fast Track Course!


For me, blogging is a way to give back to others by sharing my personal experiences and all the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.  It is also a way to connect with others who may share similar experiences or perhaps is just looking for someone who understands what they may be going through.  Lastly, it’s a way for me to contribute to our family’s expenses and being paid to do something you absolutely love is incredibly rewarding!


Check out the 5-day email course and let me know what you think, hey, it’s free, so no risk!  I’m certain you will be amazed at all the possible opportunities and fulfillment blogging can bring to your life!


Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you may have and I can’t wait to read your new blog 🙂


start a blog - Life of Stones

xo kristin



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