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Life of Stones | personal finance + lifestyle blog | - Life of Stones

Welcome!  I’m so happy you’re here!  I’d like to introduce my new blog to you….obviously it’s called Life of Stones…After going through a crazy financial journey the past {almost} 7 months I’ve felt called to share our journey with others in hopes to show them how simple it can be to get out of debt, reach their goals and live a happy, fulfilling and positive life!


I want this to be my happy place and I hope you can find some joy here as well!  In addition to lots of posts about finance, you might also see some posts about family, organization, DIY, parenting, products we love, personal development, and maybe even a recipe or two!


Life of Stones | personal finance + lifestyle blog | - Life of Stones


You can also look forward to hearing a ton about Dave Ramsey (who is my BFF, he just doesn’t know it), getting out of debt, frugal living and saving money!

If this sounds like it might be up your alley then please subscribe below!  I’d also love for you to share this blog with anyone you know who might be struggling or feeling alone in their own financial mess because I want to help them too!



I hope you’ll visit often and stay a while…

I hope you won’t be distracted by my inability to focus on one thing for more than 2.5 minutes…

I hope you enjoy a few minutes with the Stones family.  Yes, Stones, with an “S”…ya know….like “the Rolling”??

I hope you’ll be able to make sense out of my run-on sentences and overuse of commas…

And I hope you’ll share a bit of your story with us as well!


Please subscribe and let’s be virtual friends, you can find me here:



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