Our Debt Story pt. 2 – How We Found Ourselves $35,000 in Debt

Are you in debt? We were! Check out the post to see how we found ourselves $35,000 in debt and how we found our way on the road to financial freedom! #lifeofstones #financialfreedom #personalfinance #getoutofdebt

Thanks for coming back to read the rest of the story about how we found ourselves $35,000 in debt!  We left off at Part 1 with us having found Dave Ramsey!

I had heard of Dave years ago and we had used the envelope system and paid off the rest of my student loans and a small credit card bill but we never actually “worked the plan”.  After we reached that goal we thought we had it all together and quickly enough reverted back to our old habits.


This time was different.  We had finally had enough. The stress of wondering if we will be able to pay all the bills each month was almost unbearable. Something had to give…I was flirting with the idea of checking out a new local church that had opened near me but hadn’t made it in almost a year.

I was looking around on their website and noticed that they were offering Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (We took the 9-week class at our church but you can opt for the home course if you’re short on time or eager to get started asap) I asked my husband if he would be willing to go, fully expecting him to say no.  He didn’t.  Something changed right then and there…I could feel it!

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Are you in debt? We were! Check out the post to see how we found ourselves $35,000 in debt and how we found our way on the road to financial freedom! #lifeofstones #financialfreedom #personalfinance #getoutofdebt


I was so excited, my husband was pretending that he was excited too, for my benefit.  I was able to pay and get my kit early so I read the book Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide To Money and it was such an easy read, I couldn’t put it down!  I started looking at our budget and was immediately discouraged when I saw the giant number at the bottom of the “outgoings” column and the small number at the bottom of the “incomings” column.



Then I totaled up all our debt.  I had never done that before and it gave me a sick feeling in my stomach and everything in me was telling me that this wouldn’t work.  We would never be able to get out of debt.  We would never have any money.  We were destined to struggle like this for the rest of our lives.

This time was different.  We made it to the first class and I was watching my husband’s face as much as I was watching Dave. He looked completely bored and distracted.  I watched with bated breath knowing that if he wasn’t engaged I would have to drag him through this process kicking and screaming.



Wait?!?!  What did I just see?  Was that a smile? Yes! He’s coming around….huh??  An audible laugh? And just like that…he’s hooked!  We left this class on a high, we were committed.  For the very first time, we both seemed to be on the same page. We chatted the whole way home and the excitement was palpable!


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This time was different.  This was the very end of January.  Now, almost halfway through July, we have only $3,000 left to pay off?!?!  [UPDATE: We paid off $35,000 in 7 months!] It feels surreal to me.  I am so grateful that this came into our lives at the time it did.  I truly believe that timing is everything and had we taken this class even a few months earlier the outcome may not have been the same.


We still have a ways to go and there is still a lot of work to be done but for the first time {in our entire marriage} we have hope!  I wish the same for you too and that’s why I want to share our story in hopes that it can help someone else take that step towards taking back financial control of your life.  You can do it, and I’m here to help! Don’t forget to check out my new Begin to Budget Bundle to help you get started budgeting today!


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  1. I went through Dave Ramsey’s course a while back, but my husband never went through it with me (he was pretty skeptical…). I think he’s starting to get on board though – we NEED to make this happen! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I love hearing stories of others paying off their debt. I took the Dave Ramsey class, but unfortunately I have some major circumstances occur in my life. Reading your story gave me a bit of inspiration to keep pushing forward to my goal. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It’s so easy to fall into debt these days with student loans and the ease of using credit cards, which can give you a sense that you have more access to money than you may actually have in your bank account. It seems like most of us either graduate college with a pile of student loan debt or fall into the trap of credit card debt while trying to build our early careers. And, people wonder why Millennials aren’t buying houses and settling down like past generations! But, it’s nice to read your story of overcoming your debt. I hope it helps and inspires others who are struggling to pay down loans and credit card debt.

  4. I keep hearing a lot about his book, and I even picked it up to look at the other day at the store. I’m thinking of reading it just for the sake of it. Congrats on moving towards a better future for your family. Wishing you all the best

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