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Affordable gifts for women - Life of stones

The women in your life deserved to be showered with gifts (and love, of course) every day!  But birthdays and holidays like Mother’s day can really add up especially if you have a lot of special women in your life!  Living on a budget, I’ve gotten pretty good at finding fun and frugal gifts while sticking to my “gift” budget so I want to show you some unique and inexpensive gifts for HER!

These gifts are inexpensive, in fact, they are all under $25.00…plus they are perfect for the woman who has everything and is especially tough to buy for!  These are perfect inexpensive gifts for her that will leave her feeling extra special!



For the really low-priced items, pair them with a bouquet of flowers (can you say $4.00 at Aldi?) and you will have a gift worthy of every woman!  It truly is the thought that counts!

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Fun and frugal gift ideas for women - Life of Stones

Unique and inexpensive gifts for her

Every woman likes to feel pretty!  Give her this freestanding light up LED makeup mirror to help her get ready each day.  She can even take it along when she travels!







This is the cutest coffee mug!  Succulents and cacti are so trendy right now that this fun mug would make a great addition to any coffee lovers’ collection!








As women, we always are always lugging things around for ourselves, our children and even our spouses!  We can never have enough bags or pouches!  Give the dog-loving woman in your life this adorable canvas bag so she can share her message with the world!







She’ll have an easier time getting in her eight glasses per day when drinking out of a fun turquoise glass cup!










These beautiful druzy crescent earrings can be dressed up or dressed down for fun, casual look with a touch of sparkle!









Every woman loves a sweet succulent!  These modern cement succulent planters  are a great addition to any desk or windowsill!








Relaxing Gifts for Her

Work, dinner, kids….it’s no wonder many women are stressed out!  Why not give her a gift that will allow her to practice some self-care and “me time”?  Give her some of these relaxing gifts and help her kick back and chill out!  Check out the best (and cheap) unique relaxation gift ideas for the super-busy-over-stressed woman!

Fragrant bubbly bath bombs are the perfect end to any stressful day at work!  This adorable set comes with 6 extra large bath bombs…a great and relaxing gift idea for women!  Just as good as Lush, with a much smaller price tag!







Have a woman in your life who just doesn’t seem to be feeling herself lately?  This Feel Better tea will help boost her immune system to help her get back to feeling her best self!  Curling up at the end of a long day with a cozy cup of hot tea is the perfect way to unwind before heading to bed!








This portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift to listen to her favorite podcast or audiobook while in the shower or to play some soft, calm music while meditating!





A long, hot bath is the ultimate in relaxation!  These 100% natural and vegan Dead Sea bath salts will help any woman relax, rejuvenate and detoxify….she will feel like you bought her an expensive spa treatment!








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These $25 gift ideas for her are proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to give a nice gift!  If you are working on getting out of debt and living on a tight budget it is possible to have enough money to buy gifts for every person or holiday that you’d like.

Add a “gift” category to your budget and add whatever you can afford each month.  As long as you are intentional about giving gifts only that you can afford, over time this category will build up and you’ll be able to stop feeling stressed each time a birthday or holiday is approaching!

I hope these suggestions helped you find a gift you’ve been searching for!  Don’t forget to sign up for the FREE Begin to Budget 5-day email course to jumpstart your financial makeover today!


Need a gifts for women who have everything? Check out these awesome affordable gifts for her! If you're on a budget and need some inexpensive gifts for her these are affordable gifts for her! Fun and frugal, at $25 or less! #giftsforher #cheapgiftsforwomen #giftguide


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