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The Mom

Hi!  I’m Kristin!  We already met on the home page but I’ll add my bio here too, in case you missed it…

I’m a wife, mother, blogger, struggling entrepreneur and exhausted domestic engineer with a heart for helping others improve their lives!

I’m a recovering people-pleaser with a penchant for run-on sentences, home decor, self-development, DIY and trashy reality TV. You can usually find me at home attempting to multitask while listening to Dave Ramsey and trying to figure out how to find more hours (and more sleep) in my day!



The Dad

This is Brian, but I mostly call him “B”.  He is an amazing Daddy, a supportive husband and will help anyone in need!

He’s our workhorse, contractor, yard boy, provider, laborer, BMX coach and can clear most of the water out of the pool with one cannonball!

B is an avid runner and is currently training to run his third 100-mile race (I still can’t wrap my head around this).  A Chipotle burrito and can of Coca-Cola will turn his frown upside down on even the worst day!

You can usually find him on the trails, rummaging through the fridge or in front of the TV happily watching the latest box office horror flop!




The Daughter

Our beautiful first born, Gracyn, is almost 12!  She’s headed into sixth grade and is loving middle school.  She is silly, smart and super loud.  The one who first made me a momma will also likely be the first to drive me to brink of insanity.  Changing her fashion and food preferences by the minute, we are usually struggling to keep up with our favorite pre-teen!

Current obsessions include (but are not limited to): bows the size of her head, playing soccer, making slime and torturing her little brother.

A huge animal lover, you can usually find her reading books about animals, watching shows about animals or loving on her pets!



The Son

Beckham, the baby of the family, is eight years old and headed to third grade in the fall!  He is a sweet, sensitive soul who needs to work on his anger management skills…

When he’s not busy perfecting his wheelie I’m sometimes still able to convince him to snuggle with me!  He’s the only family member who will (begrudgingly, at times) watch Fixer Upper with me and has 3-6 water bottles on his nightstand at any given time.

While he wasn’t directly named after David Beckham, he still considers soccer to be his birthright and loves it ALMOST as much as he loves his kitty!




The Kitty

Our first fur-kid, Lucy, was a feral kitten that was born in a friend’s backyard. Earning the title of the most expensive “free” kitten ever, a few hundred bucks (and a few visits to the vet) later she quickly stepped into her role as Queen-of-the-house for all of time.

You can usually find her lounging on her throne (my desk chair, pictured) to intentionally thwart my productivity or poised in sniper position on the tile surround of our tub camouflaged behind the leaves of a potted tree plotting the dog’s demise.

She doesn’t love being petted, squeaks instead of meows and commonly turns her nose up at all canned food and most treats or toys offered to her!



The Puppy

Adopted from a local rescue, Gemma, our loving mutt has yet to leave my side. Everyone in the house (especially B) is jealous of our relationship, but we are in love and don’t care who knows it.

While her genealogy remains a mystery, we know that mom was some kind of cur mix and are fairly certain dad was likely a white-tailed deer/cheetah/jedi hybrid.

Her affinity for biscuits is like no other, and she is often found curled up on the couch or my bed daydreaming about the day she will finally scale the fence and catch the baby bunny living under our shed.  Although she’s a bit high maintenance she has brought so much joy (and a perpetual layer of dog hair) to our lives!


*Note: While it was our decision to put our children’s pictures and info on this blog, it was done in an effort to get to know our readers better.   Please refrain from re-posting or saving their pictures or leaving any creepy comments regarding them.  Doing so will immediately get you blocked and possibly reported if you’re an extra special kind of weirdo.  We don’t want to have to omit any pictures or info about our kids since they are (obviously) a huge part of our family and this is a family blog.   So let’s all just be cool and save me the trouble of having to hunt you down 🙂

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