3 easy ways to create joy and avoid the holiday stress

The holidays are my favorite time of year, they make me feel so warm and cozy and allows me to relish in my nerdiness by organizing my shopping list and budgeting spreadsheets! Unfortunately, it’s not all visions of sugarplums as the hectic schedules and perfectionism ultimately bring me to the brink of a nervous breakdown […]

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7 Frugal Money Habits of Wealthy People

7 money habits of wealthy people - Life of Stones

Have you always wanted to be rich?!  I have!  It’s fun to get caught up in how we would spend our millions if we ever hit the Powerball!  Now, in my mid-to late 20’s…ugh, fine…30’s, I finally realize how rich I truly am and it has nothing to do with money!  I still have big dreams, […]

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