How Changing Your Mindset Can Improve Your Life

How changing your mindset can improve your life - Life of Stones

Today I’d like to reach out a hand and pull you up!  If you’re going through a rough season in life I want to show you that *you* are able to greatly improve your life if you’re willing to put in some work and change your mindset. A handful of changes repeated consistently day after day, […]

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How We Paid Off $35,000 of Debt in Only 7 Months

How we paid off $35,000 of debt in only 7 months - Life of Stones

Today is the day!  This is the post I have been dreaming about writing since I decided I was going to start a blog!  I didn’t want to share this story in detail until we had paid off the very last cent of our personal debts (except for our mortgage).  Partly because I didn’t want to jinx […]

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