how to create a simple monthly budget and stick to it

create a monthly budget

I know, guys, trust me….budgets are the worst, right?  You probably didn’t even want to click on this link because you’ve likely tried budgeting many times before, right?  And if you’re anything like our family you’ve probably failed many times before too, RIGHT?!?!?! I get it.  The “B word” is kind of scary because, to most, […]

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how to save money when back-to-school shopping and still keep your kids happy

school shopping

Can you believe it is almost that time already?!  I think I’m in denial! When the stores began stocking back-to-school supplies I swore on all that was holy that I would NOT purchase one marker, backpack or pencil case until August! Sadly I only hung on until July 29th (insert eye-roll here). I caved under […]

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